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Book and multimedia Corner

Do you have a favorite book, film , poem, song,  helpful website you would like to write about and share with others?  Please don't keep it to yourself but pass the details onto John Bruce, current web editor or email to  


Matthew- from Visual Bible Series   A full Dramatization of Matthew's Gospel  using  the New International Version Bible.  The characterisation of Jesus played by Bruce Marciano , gets and  enjoys humour , gets angry, upset, and is just hanging out with people along the journey of his life A believable portrayal..The 2 disc film can be usefully searched by chapter or by event, so you don't have to watch it all in one go. Available to purchase through most Christian bookshops, and available for loan from our All Saints book and Media Library - John Bruce.

Amazing Grace rated PG.publ 2006 , approx 113 mins, the true  and gripping story of William Wilberforce, who tirelessly campaigned inside and outside Parliament for over 30 years, for the abolishment of Slavery by the British government. At a time when the slave trade was not only perceived as acceptable, but a necessity for the economy, Wilberforce and his fellow abolitionists dared to speak out against the massive cruel injustice to fellow human beings. Compelling , thought provoking. A great evenings watch with family and friends.  available for loan from our All Saints book and Media Library - John Bruce


Corrie Ten Boom- The Hiding Place"God does not have problems. Only plans," proclaimed Corrie ten Boom when a clerical error allowed her to be released from a Nazi concentration camp one week before all women prisoners her age were executed, but only  after her sister and father died in captivity  .Though she was released from the horror of Ravensbruck concentration camp, Corrie continued to live with a remarkable reliance on God, just as her family had as they hid Jews from Nazi terror.Traveling the world as an ambassador of the power of forgiveness in Christ, Corrie later established rehabilitation centres to help other Holocaust survivors. Her 1971 autobiography, The Hiding Place, became a movie in 1975, inspiring many to see God at work through the darkest of life's circumstances. both book and DVD available for loan from our All Saints book and Media Library. 

Let us know about books and films that have inspired you and may encourage others.  

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