All Saints Community Church- not so much a building, more a way of life

Whether you have being part of church services and activities for 60 years,
 or never stepped foot inside a churchy looking building ever,
we believe we all have a God shaped hole in each of us, that each one of us needs to come back to God, sorting out the mess-ups and shortcomings in our lives, talking honestly with God, in what we call prayer.
whether it is simple as
'God if you are out there. i've never done this before, but I've made quite a mess of things. The bits of the  Bible Ive read recently tells me Jesus and his followers promised a fresh start. and God do I need a fresh start. Please help me'

or using the General Confession Prayer we use most Sundays in our morning worship service.

its good to hear ourselves say words out loud, or even have someone pray with you as a witness and friend.

What do we do once we feel confident of that fresh start, the slate is wiped clean, God puts all that mess in his 'wheelie bin' and takes it away, what the Bible says, 'forgiving our sins'.

Do we just get on with our lives in the same old way?
or do we want to find out from God what he might want us to do with our lives?     Does knowing God make a difference?


We can do this by
  •  continuing to talk to God in PRAYER, on your own or with others
  • getting to know God's  different ways with people over the centuries through the BIBLE, 
  • talking to others who are discovering like you, that knowing Jesus is .the meaning of life..
  •  thats  simply what CHURCH is about.

useful websites for exploring the Bible

Don't be suprised if quite a few sections, passages and books are difficult to grasp.
 Its not suprising as the Bible is a massive library, recording the experiences of shepherds, herdsmen, kings, soldiers, prophets, and of Jesus himself , most of it  happening  in a small hot dry land in the Middle East, less than 90 miles by 30 miles.
So is it still relevant to us?
Yes it is! It just helps to have others to explore it together.

a version of Psalm 23 suited to many modern hectic lives
 by the Japanese poet Toki Miyashina:

 The Lord is my pacesetter, I shall not rush.

he makes me stop and rest for quiet intervals.

He provides me with images of stillness

which restore my serenity.

He leads me in ways of efficiency,

through calmness of mind,

and his guidance is peace.

Even though I have a great many things to

accomplish this day,

I will not fret,

for his presence is here.

His timlessness,

His all-importance,

Will keep me in balance.

He prepares refreshment and renewal

in the midst of my activity

by anointing my head with the oil of tranquility.

My cup of joyous energy overflows.

Surely harmony and effectiveness shall be the fruits of my hours,

for I shall walk in the place of my Lord,

and dwell in His house forever.

Do parts of the Bible still feel a bit of a mystery? and you feel you would like to get to grips with it, but haven't got the time to join in with 'The Story' groups on Tuesdays?
try a new resource of  provoking videos from UCCF. You can watch any time, day or night, and if you like it , you can get a book to go with it.
Uncover is an examination of the evidence about the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. Hope you find it challenging and helpful.

    BIBLE GATEWAY explore the Bible in many different translations


Explore the Bible from the Bible Society

FOUNDATION 21 Supported by the Bible Readers fellowship

UCB United Christian Broadcasters online- on DAB- on TV .also hosting the Word for Today. They will email you daily readings in case you forget! how good is that!

     SUREFISH DAILY BIBLE READINGS Sponsored by Christian Aid. Give it a try

BIBLE VIDEOS on the Internet, generally You Tube
 Some accurately follow each word of a Bible Translation....

MATTHEWS GOSPEL VISUAL BIBLE SERIES You Tube video full recording approx 4 hours
a wonderful recording using the words of the New International version of a believable Jesus. It can be followed in chapters 

Other videos or Films help us creatively imagine what it might have been like for the people involved

The NATIVITY STORY an inspiring film with Keisha Castle- Hughes as Mary  You Tube Video Approx 1 hour 30 mins

They can help lift the lives of these people out of the pages of the Bible, help us understand the cultures of the different periods and help put ourselves in their shoes. 
also find films of : Acts , book of Daniel, on You Tube as well.
these and others are also available  on loan from our All Saints Book and Multi media lending Library or bought from most good bookshops.

 let us know if you find any other helpful websites

How do we see and deal with difficult situations?

We can easily be influenced by people around us . Read Pauls letter chapter 12 verse 1.' Don't let the World squeeze you into its mould'.
We get a lot of information and if we are not very careful get our views from 
the TV producers, who to get more viewers,  frequently want to make a story as sensational as possible.
many politicians, especially in the light of the media, talk about quick, simple solutions,' soundbites'. Often the real world is a lot more complicated
we might explore the idea of ' what would Jesus do in this situation?'
IT is important to explore the Bible  on our own, but also with other Christians. Read it through, and use helpful guides, like the Lion Handbook to the Bible, not just somewhat dangerously  pick out a single verse ' like I have just done!'

Sheldon Thomas of 'Target against gangs' and Gavin Mckenna, an ex Tottenham gang member are interviewed by Sky TV
possible views. see You tube link below.
Are the riots of Summer 2011 just a sick part part of our  society, that need to know crime does not pay to deter future activity?
Have we made attempts at providing mentors, role models, found ways of opening the doors and arms of our churches to say, no you are not 'on the scrap heap', but 'we' as churches want to find a positive future, a hopeful future

youth leaders and mentors speak after the summer riots in Tottenham

there are no easy answers, not least to share in the grief of those who have been frightened, injured, lost love ones.
Can we also explore ways of hope for the people, including the young people who witnessed or even took part in the riots and looting.

John bruce

 The more Painful parts of Life's Journey

the journey through life can have lots of celebration, but..... lots of scarey stuff
Loss of loved one, especially the sudden unexpected, can be one of  the hardest 
We can and live and cope and struggle with that grief for not just days, weeks months, years.
Its not an indicator or how weak or strong our faith, how committed or struggling we are in our faith.
grief happens, a part of probably the biggest part of our life journey. No easy answers.

 Sometimes the coping with the well meaning, but woefully wrong people who say
' I do understand what you are going through...'
' Its good to  know they are with God...' when your being is focused on the grief of missing the one or ones who were a deep part of not just your life but your heart'  

An 'Evening of Hope' approx 1 hour long a you tube video 

singer-songwriter Steven Curtis Chapman and Pastor Greg Laurie present "An Evening of Hope," captured live at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., 

Chapman performed songs from his new CD, Beauty Will Rise, and Laurie shared thoughts about suffering, hope, and heaven. 

Both Chapman and Laurie lost children in automobile accidents in 2008, and share a common desire to offer hope and encouragement to people who are suffering loss. 

Do contact us at All Saints Church. We would like to stand with you in any way we can through difficult times including praying with you.

Please share with us any other  internet links or you tube videos that have helped you and might help others

john Bruce

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