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Moto for 2017

Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in pray

Romans 12:12

Christmas Service Times
The Parochial Church Council have agreed the following times for the services on Christmas Eve this year:- 

Sunday 24th December 2017   ‘Christmas Eve’    
9.00 am        Holy Communion (said)
3.00 pm        Carols round the tree 
(First Communion of Christmas)Monday 25th December ‘Christmas Day’

        Table Top Sale

Saturday 14th October 2017  10.00 am  - 12.00 Noon
(Stall holders from 9.00 am)
In the Western Room
Pre Booked Tables  £8.00 
Tables on the day £10.00
To Book a Table Tel. Audrey on 0151 228 2456 or    
Sell your unwanted goods - empty the attic - make money
Enjoy a browse, a tea, coffee, something to eat and a chat
Free entry, children must be accompanied by an adult


Our meeting in September was at St David’s, we celebrated with Holy communion, Revd. Peter officiating. Unfortunately, not many from our branch were able to attend for various reasons. However, we were entertained later in the hall, whilst having tea or should I say warned by Peter of the trials and tribulations of buying property in Spain, where he lived for three years. It lost him money and the trust he had in officials, while teaching him a valuable lesson. He returned to Liverpool a wiser man and was encouraged by people at St Columba’s church Anfield to explore ordination.

Because a few from our branch are on holiday for the meeting in October it was decided to have the meeting at St David’s. Lyn is trying to get a speaker to talk about the Christmas shoeboxes, which we already participate in at All Saints, I hope as many of us as possible will be able to go and support this.

Mothers Union have collaborated in a new discussion booklet about the recent release in cinemas of ‘Victoria and Abdul’, staring Judy Dench, if you enjoy the cinema and go to watch it, I’m not saying to take a notebook with you but in the future we may have the discussion, perhaps in our meeting here in November.  It may be an opportunity for a few to get together and go to watch the film.

We are having our usual coffee morning to support Macmillan Cancer nurses on Friday the 29th of September 10am - 12noon please come along and join in the biggest Coffee Morning, every little helps. If you are able make or fake a cake I would be grateful if you could let me know or just bring it with you.


Friday 29th September      10am-12 noon  The Macmillan  Cancer Relief ‘COFFEE MORNING’

Thursday 12th October 2.00 pm Speaker - at St. David’s:- Operation Christmas Child

Sunday 15th October 10.15 am HARVEST FESIVAL


Sunday 15th October 2017
9.00 am  Holy Communion         
The Children will present their Harvest Gifts during the service

It was agreed at the Parochial Church Council Meeting we should encourage people to bring non perishable goods to the Harvest Service so that these can be donated to the ‘Foodbank’.  There will be a sale after the service for any perishable good and the money raised will be sent to Water Aid along with the donations from the Water Aid envelopes. You are invited to make a donation to WaterAid by using the special envelopes which are available in the Magazine or at the back of Church.

Would the organizations who help to decorate the church, and wish to gain access to the church during the week before the Harvest Festival Sunday please speak to one of the Wardens. Members of the congregation are invited to bring their contributions on Harvest Sunday.

Life-Giving Bottles Harvest Appeal 2017
Harvest clean water. Harvest hope.
The worst drought in 35 years hit southern Africa last year. As water became scarce, families struggled to find enough to drink. Crops withered, cattle died and food stores emptied. Around half a million people were left malnourished and hungry.

Communities in southern Zambia were some of the worst affected. As weather around the world becomes more unpredictable, here it causes longer droughts and more intense flooding. Climate change is water change, and the effects are devastating.

But All Saints’ can help deliver clean water for people to drink and grow crops with – making a long term change for good.

 At WaterAid, we have more than 35 years of experience bringing long-term water solutions to communities like Orine’s. Technologies like boreholes ensure people have sustainable sources of clean water, even during droughts.

Please join our Harvest Appeal and help us dig and drill even more – simply inspire your congregation to transform ordinary bottles into life-giving coin collectors.

How frustrating would it be to have a toilet you couldn’t use? Or a tap you couldn’t reach? For too many disabled people, getting a drink, going to the toilet and staying clean is a daily struggle.

Which is why, when we say we want everyone, everywhere to have clean water, a decent toilet and good hygiene, we mean everyone.

We’re working with our local partners to install accessible toilets and taps so no one has to miss out on a healthier, happier future. Together, we’re breaking down barriers too, so that disabled people are included in decisions about water in their communities.

Ending Poppy's struggle
Before our partners installed accessible toilets in her town in Bangladesh, Poppy couldn’t climb the steps to the slum’s long drop toilets. Every time she needed the toilet, she had to go in public by the road or in a field. Getting water to drink or wash with was a real challenge too.
“Before we had to go to the pond to collect water,” she explains. “But now the water is available 24 hours a day.”

PCC News

All Saints Parochial Church Council (PCC) meets on a regular basis to discuss the running of the church. The PCC is made up of members of the Church and Arthur Chairs the meetings.

These are some of the main issues discussed at the last meeting which was held on Tuesday 12th September 2017.

The PCC reviewed the Parish Profile. In March this year we had a Vision Day to think about our priorities for the future. A sub group of the PCC has worked this in to a Parish Profile that we will use when we advertise for a new vicar when Arthur retires in January. The PCC approved the profile subject to a few changes. If you want to look at the draft please speak to Paul or Tom.

We agreed that we need to update our congregation photo! We will take a new group picture after the service on Sunday 15th October so please wear your Sunday best!!

The PCC checked that we had everything in place for the new heating project to start. By the time you read this we should be well on the way to a warm church.

The church finances were reviewed and we considered items of expenditure such as utilities and insurance. We rely on the giving of individuals and thanks for all that you give. Parish Giving scheme really helps with cash flow – if you haven’t signed up yet please ask Paul or the Wardens for an application form.

We talked about the timings for Christmas Eve services. Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year so we will have a service in the morning and in the afternoon we will have carols around the tree. This informal service in the afternoon is very popular and brings in many visitors. After much discussion we decided to trial an early first communion with an 8.00 pm service on Christmas Eve instead of 11.30pm. We hope that this will be more accessible to many and we will of course keep this under review.

If you would like any further information or would like a matter discussed at the PCC please speak to the Church Wardens or any member of the PCC and they will be happy to help.

Paul Carhart

Christian Aid

There are some of us taking part in the ‘Circle the City’ walk on Saturday 7th October 2017. The event starts at Liverpool Cathedral at 9.30 am and the 7km walk commences at 10.00 am. This is an awareness and fund raising event. Please let me know if you want to attend, there are posters around church for more information. We have taken part in the past and it really is a great event.
All Saints’ will also be collecting for Christian Aid on Thursday 19th October at Tesco, Allerton Road. This is an important fund raising event and we have collected here very successfully before. You don’t have to do much other than smile, chat to people and know that you have helped raise money for great causes. We need a team of volunteers to collect between 10am and 6pm – you will only need to volunteer for 2 hours -  10.00 am-12 noon,   12 noon-2.00 pm, 2.00-4.00 pm, & 4.00-6.00 pm. We still need a few more people to cover all the times.  Please let me know as soon as possible so we can confirm the rota for the day.

Paul Carhart

It was good to celebrate Arthur’s special birthday on Sunday 17th September 2017. Arthur treated those attending the 9.00 am service to a glimpse of his special birthday football shirt and at 10.15 am he led the service proudly wearing a Wigan Athletic shirt emblazoned with the legend
"Arthur 70".
Arthur was joined by many members of the congregation as we sang Happy Birthday and the morning was topped off with a beautiful cake. Hopefully Arthur enjoyed a glass or two of birthday wine later in the day."

   Do parts of the Bible still feel a bit of a mystery? and you feel you would like to get to grips with it, but haven't got much time to join in with groups ?

try a new resource of  provoking videos from UCCF. You can watch any time, day or night, and if you like it , you can get a book to go with it.

Uncover is an examination of the evidence about the life and purpose of Jesus Christ. Hope you find it challenging and helpful.

St David’s Church Rocky Lane, Liverpool L16 1JA

“Messy Early Church”

Saturday 7th October 2017

4:00pm – 6:00pm

Fun crafts, celebration time & food

Everyone is invited – young & old alike, adults, children, teenagers, carers, grandparents, come as friends, families or partners, all-comers welcome.

If you are a child you will need to bring an adult with you.

Just come! You’ll be very welcome!

For further info contact :

Entrance free : Donations welcome

Messy Churches are now all over the world!


St. James the Least of All

On the perils of trainers, high heels and soft shoes in church

My dear Nephew Darren

Having informed you of why clergy must always wear black shoes in church, my belief is that all those who hold any office in church should be similarly dressed.

Altar servers have the tendency to arrive wearing what I am informed are called trainers. Were they black it would be tolerable, but they seem to be without exception either brilliant white or luminous pink. When they arrive so attired I insist they remove them and serve in the sanctuary in their socks. Since our church floor is several degrees colder than permafrost, it normally takes them the rest of the morning with their feet in a bucket of hot water before circulation returns. They do not make that mistake a second time.

The rule applies to members of the choir also; my only concession is that ladies are allowed to wear shoes with heels. But that can present its own hazards. Miss Threlfall recently appeared in heels that, by chance, were the exact size and shape of the holes in our beautiful Victorian heating gratings in the nave floor. During the procession at the start of the Service, her heel wedged in one. She is a lady of some determination and refused to stop, thereby holding up the procession and letting the congregation know something was amiss. So she proceeded, now with a twelve inch square cast iron grid firmly attached to her foot. As she gallantly clanked up the aisle, rocking slightly since one leg was now several stones heavier, one of our basses, completely innocent of what had happened, stepped into thin air. Half of his body disappeared vertically downwards as the other half proceeded in a horizontal easterly direction, scattering tenors like skittles. I continue to visit him in hospital.

Our organist arrives wearing black shoes, but once hidden in the organ loft, removes them and plays the organ in soft shoes. Or he did; these days he never removes his shoes at all. At Evensong on Sundays, my dog comes with me to swell the congregation and wanders round the church benignly as the Service progresses. After one Service, our organist came to retrieve his shoes only to find them missing. Their absence was inexplicable - until two weeks later when I found them buried in the Rectory rose garden.

Churchwardens, of course, know the rules for correct footwear - that is why they have been elected to serve in such a distinguished office - although I do feel that Admiral Hopkinson's practice of wearing white spats on top of his shoes when the bishop is here, a little excessive - even rather flash.

Maintaining this dress policy once you have your own church, will be maintaining the true faith.
Your loving uncle,


We like to get together for fun and friendship such as Scouse Nights

Churches Together. In June 2013, about 70 people made a very special walk together through Old Swan, visiting one another's churches, from St Annes Stanley in the West, via The Salvation Army Centre, and singing a psalm in Tamil, St Oswalds, All Saints, and then finally down to Oakvale United Reformed Church at the bottom of Broadgreen Road, where we refreshed  not only with drink, cakes, but a reminder that Jesus calls us first and foremost to be His Christian witnesses in and around the streets and homes of Old Swan , and not to get too attached to remaining inside our own individual buildings. It was an exciting and encouraging time together. We are looking forward to more activity as Old Swan Churches Together.

setting out from St Annes

on our way

pausing at St Oswalds Churchwelcome hospitality at Oakvale URC

  Our Oakhill Room formally opened  April 2013 by Bishop James. 

photo with Arthur, Kathleen, LHT the Housing Association and the builders. 



 Inside the Oakhill Room, a wonderful fully accessible multi purpose space. There is seating for 80, useful projector/ screen, sound system, loop system, lots of space for Guides/ Scouts/ Messy church activities, with its own mini kitchen area, toilets and wheelchair access. and available for outside hire. A wonderful addition to our church complex.

          Christian Aid  is an International Development Charity. We work with people of all faiths, and none, to eradicate poverty and injustice

We have recently added some new songs to our Worship page with links to You Tube and websites, with a range of songs hymns and styles.

We hope it will help you to worship at home on your computer or smart phone. Do share it with others and let us know what  other inspiring songs and hymns you would like to includ


  Learning  more about our faith?

‘The New Community’  weekly course has finished, but talk to Arthur, or any of the church leaders if you would like to join up with a future group.

A great way to explore  our faith together,  ways of praying, finding hope and purpose in today's challenging World, living out our faith.

  The new Community meetings

Challenging poverty and injustice web page added to our website

We hope to develop this section  and would value ideas .together everyone achieves more as partners

                  Christian Aid  &  North Liverpool Foodbank

Would you like to make us aware of other groups or campaigns that want to make a difference, locally or across the World?

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