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The Editor Writes

Dear Friends

At the end of June we celebrate the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul.  If the apostles were a sports team, they  would be the ‘all-stars’.  They were strong vocal leaders.  They set the direction and lived as vibrant examples of Christ-like disciples; a life poured out in sacrifice as an offering to God.  Imperfect though they were, they grew in greatness as they fought the good fight every day and remained faithful witnesses until death.  St. Peter met his death upside down on a cross in Rome.  St. Paul was beheaded about the same time, also in Rome.

The grand martyrdoms of Peter and Paul were the culmination of lives spent as witnesses—to the life and truth of Jesus Christ.  In that sense, they were martyrs every day—with many little deaths.  Peter left his fishing business when Jesus called.  He trudged the rocky paths of Galilee and Judea, managed crowds, found food, and learned to love by serving his fellow disciples.  Peter put Jesus’ directions and needs ahead of his own.  He didn’t always get it right, but he continued to follow and serve the Lord.

Paul,  too, offered his career, position, and life’s plans to the Lord.  Perhaps unwillingly at first, but wholeheartedly at the end.  Daily he chose to serve, even when tired, sick, or hurt; in peril of his life; or in prison.  He gave up his reputation as one of the brightest Pharisees and staunchest opponents of the Nazarene’s sect.  He made plans, only to change them at the Spirit’s leading.  He listened to and obeyed the Lord even when his emotion and intellect objected strenuously. 

Few of us will be martyred as Peter and Paul were, but every day presents opportunities to die to self, to share the gospel, care for others, and hold fast to our faith.  We become closer to Jesus, more holy, and more attractive when we accept our little trials: spending time reading to, or playing with a child, turning off the television to read Scripture, risking rejection by offering to talk or pray with someone we know is hurting.  Jesus is glorified, and we are conformed to him as we yield to these small sacrifices.

God Bless






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