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Minister’s Message

 Dear Friends

How do you connect to people? It’s a question I ask myself all the time, as life gets more hectic and the pressures of work make time ever more precious. As with so many things, the internet can be a blessing or a curse. It can deliver information to our fingertips at the click of a mouse, give us access to knowledge, understanding, entertainment and much more at very modest cost and help us communicate faster, wider and more creatively than ever before. But we all know some of the downsides: pornography, paedophiles, junk e-mail, ‘phishing’ scams where crooks try to hijack your bank account. It can also be addictive, divide families and lure many into gambling habits and more. Too much time online can see you neglecting family relationships. Yet interest groups via e-mail, hobby websites, instant messaging and more can see you make plenty of new friends. And the constant interaction can make you feel you know these people better than many you see day to day. Relationships need time, and they need regular feeding.

 In our ever-faster lifestyles, leisurely conversation is a prized gem that so often seems just out of reach. Even texting and instant messaging can so often be just brief exchanges of information. It is important that we slow down and develop these relationships, that we come close to members of our families, friends, our Christian brothers and sisters, only then can we really get to know each other and form a bond that will help us in every aspect of our lives, when times are good and when times are bad. We also as Christians need to spend time with God and develop our relationship with him. We can learn from Jesus who spent lots of time talking and listening to God sometimes spending the entire night in prayer. Jesus knew the benefits of coming close to God. He also spent time with his friends developing a relationship with them. Helping them come close to God. So, let us learn from Jesus.

James 4:8: -  Come close to God and he will come near to you.

 May God Bless you all

Arthur & Kathleen




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