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P.C.C. News

All Saints Parochial Church Council (PCC) meets on a regular basis to discuss the running of the church. The PCC is made up of members of the Church and Paul Carhart currently Chairs the meetings.

These are some of the main issues discussed at the last meetings which were held on 3rd and 24th April.

· The PCC had two meetings connected to the vacancy. The first meeting agreed the Parish Profile work that Joyce, Randall and Tom completed. The PCC also elected Jackie Davies and Paul Carhart to be the Parish Representatives who will be involved in the interviews for the new Minister.

· At the meeting on the 24th April Archdeacon Mike, Area Dean Emma and Deanery Chair Pam joined the PCC to agree the profile, look at the role profile and agree how we would advertise for the new Minister. It is hoped that there will be an advertisement in May and interviews in June or July.

· In addition to these issues the PCC welcomed some new members following the AGM – these included Sandra and Helen who attended the last meeting.

· The PCC continue to keep a close eye on the finances and any maintenance issues. The PCC also consider any other issues that come up from time to time.

If you would like any further information or would like a matter discussed at the PCC please speak to the Church Wardens or any member of the PCC and they will be happy to help. The PCC has a great deal of responsibility, particularly at the moment – please pray for them and talk to the people involved – your support is appreciated.


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