All Saints Community Church- not so much a building, more a way of life

Worship- Drawing closer to God

Worship is not just the music you find in a church service......., but can be described simply as 'giving God his worth' so anything and everything we do and say could be seen as worship, Honoring God. That is quite a challenge.  
When we think about that time when you or I had dark thoughts or got shirty with the guy who pushed aggressively in front of us in the queue at the supermarket, or the traffic jam, or  tempted to start joining in the negative gossiping about someone. No matter how sweetly we sing at other times, we must make sure every part of our lives, our attitudes our motives are bringing honour to God. Bringing our worship to God  through music and song is a powerful gift, and can  lift us up closer to Him and  hopefully inspire us to carry on Serving God and his Kingdom wherever we are.

because he lives i can face tomorrow

We hope the selection below may  help you focus and draw closer to God, whether a song has big memories or new to you. 
At All Saints Church, we enjoy a wide heritage of music with our choir, pipe organ and music group with keyboards and guitars, movement, dance, or even   banners and shakers with the young kids.

Guide me o thou Great redeemer

Holy Holy Holy - sung by choir unaccompanied

wonderful lord wonderful God you are my shield and protector- Doug Horley

our God is a great big , and he holds us in his hands

Majesty- by the band Delerious

In and around our churches most of us find music and songs and hymns that  can help us to focus on God, praise, adoration, declaring his character. Sometimes a song  brings  personal comfort in difficult and painful times, grieving and missing a loved one.

'You are my Hiding Place' psalm 32

the story behind a hymn- 'What a Friend we have in Jesus'

Another song might be wonderful for exuberant celebration, Literally with a thousand tongues to sing! in a large church, concert hall or stadium. Another song may give encouragement for the challenges ahead. Other songs give us challenge to live out our lives of God,because giving God his worth, as we get to know Him and His ways better, is interested in the whole of our lives beyond the Sunday morning and the walls of a building.  We all have our favorites and different styles, but this might be an opportunity, to explore new songs .

Modern media, and here you are on a website........, allows us to take that wide variety of music to inspire us even when away from church buildings. the Links below will take you to a website or a You Tube page. Do not be put off by the odd advert at the beginning. Just close the box when you can. If you are still worried or struggling. Ask a teenager for reassurance.They are often pretty good at these things. Reflecting the variety of music for worship available today, we hope they may be a blessing to you and if some songs and styles are unfamiliar take you out of your comfort zone, try not to dismiss it, but reflect, think on the words, the lyrics, and thank God that there is variety in his Kingdom.
 We are amazingly part of a worshipping family of millions Christian believers around the World.

Do sing along , and apologise to the neighbours later!!! As it says in Psalm 100: make a joyful noise to the Lord!
please email us at with any further suggestions we could include.

Laura Storey- Blessings-2011 a modern ballad 

Praise my soul the King of Heaven  

be though my vision- an orchestral instrumental

Be though my vision- organ and congregation

I heard the voice of jesus say- by Joanne Hogg

the story being the Hymn Amazing Grace

the Lord Bless you and keep you- Westminster choir

Be still for the presence of the Lord- David Evans 

The Servant King- graham Kendrick

Beauty for Brokenness- graham Kendrick

Thorns in the Straw- Graham Kendrick Rumours of Angels

I the lord of sea and sky- Daniel o Donell

You raise me up

in Christ alone

Abide with me

Amazing Grace- sung by Susan Boyle

Blessed be the name- Matt Redman

The day though gavest Lord is ended

Please let us know of any other songs or hymns, modern or traditional we could add, It is our prayer that they will be a blessing to you. If you have the opportunity, come and join us on Sunday mornings at All Saints, or at least get in touch. We promise you a warm welcome.

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